Saturday, October 18, 2008

Movie Review - Fire Proof

SAVE your money! SAVE your time! Don't go to see the newly released movie, Fire Proof.

This movie, produced by Alex Kendric, starring Kirk Cameron (remember him from Growing Pains?) portrays the struggle of a young married couple who have drifted apart. The beginning of the movie shows some quite violent screaming matches between the husband and wife. Later, the father of the son offers some help as he conveyed that he wanted a divorce (although he didn't say he wanted one, but that his wife was "doing" this - it was all her fault.). The father tells him to give it 40 days and to follow what was written in a leather-bound book, the Love Dare, he gives him.

So he begins - although it appears he is only going through the motions. Through out the experience we see his relationship with a colleague, as they begin to talk faith. On the flip side we see a "weak" wife who is cuddling up to a colleague of her own, a male (who we learn later is also married). The husband finally "dives in" after he says he "wants in" - into the "Jesus club" (although that is never spoken.) There is an assumption that he "asks Jesus into his heart" and now all will be good.

In the end the husband wins the battle, but only after his wife finds the book. She asks to do this too. The happily-ever-after end scene points to the strength that is found when Christ is at the center of your marriage, when Christ is what brings you together (probably the only theological piece I did squirm with.)

In the end the message was that with Christ at the center, we all begin in the right place. All other starting places provide no real strength to withstand the "fire" of life. I get that and affirm that.

BUT, the acting was SOOOOOOOO bad! Really! I know this film was done on a great budget, but really is was BAD.

Not to mention the overarching gender issues that I had with this piece.

So save the money and the time. Imagine two young pastors in the back row gagging through the whole piece - with about 6 other people in the theater.

Give your money to the poor. Give your money to a local social service issue. Give your money to the dog walker. Or better yet, give your money to your faith community. But don't waste your money to go see this movie.


patrick said...

I just got back from watching Fireproof... it was good to see such a different-flavored movie on the regular, big screen; it was either this or Saw 5

Kim said...

Sure...but flavor is different from good. Good acting and a good script is essential. This one had neither. I think there were a few underlying ideas that would have been great to flesh out in real life situations...but alas we stayed in the "macho man saves the day" genre. Notice it wasn't what God did, but what Kirk Cameron's character did, what his dad did, and ultimately what his mom did (always putting the man in the front while the woman stays behind emotional and preparing a meal.)

Ugh...I am not a fan of Horror or Gore movies, but I think Saw 5 might have been better stewardship of my and my friend's $7.50 ticket. Thank God for coupons!

Anonymous said...

Totally was a great example of God's love changing from the "inside-out". Like you said, he was just going through the motion until he asked for God's help...
Too bad we focus on looking for the "underlying issue" rather than allowing the true strength to come through.
PS I only claim anonymous because I have no idea who you are, where you are and I choose not to "argue" about it, just to express a different point of view.

Kim said...

i thank you for offering a different point of view. My one question is, what was the underlying issue and what was the true strength to which you refer?

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