Saturday, November 08, 2008

Historic Election - What's Next?

On November 4, 2008 the United States of America elected Barack Obama to be the 44th president of the United States. This was a historic election on all counts - with the primaries and Hillary Clinton (a female) and Barack Obama (an African-American) running, and then with the General Election with Barack Obama running on the democratic ticket, and John McCain, with Sarah Palin (a female) running on the republican ticket. No matter the results of the election, it was one for the history and record books.

Now we sit and wait, as the media begins to hone its attention on the new incumbents, to see what this new chapter in American history will bring. The imaginations of many people have been running wild - from a horrid, ridiculous picture of what the US will look like in 2012 after Obama has been President by Dr. James Dobson, to tales of Fairytale Land predicted by very fantastical folks who at times sound as though they are smoking something they shouldn't be.

But the reality is, as with all elections and incumbents, we don't truly know. We live life one day at a time. So to put forward fantasy (for the good or the bad) pictures of what will be is both a waste of time and an attempt to distort the true present right here and now.

Right now we are in a position of tough economic times, of war, of human rights issues (see Uighurs story), and of failing education. All of these, each of these, and so much more will not change the day Obama begins to serve his four years in office. However, maybe with a focus on mutual respect and cooperation we could make this election and the days that follow truly one for the history books. When partisan politics, special interest lobbies, and simple bureaucratic nonsense gets put to the side and authentic and meaningful work for the people and the place of America is done.

This is my post-election prayer - I hope you will join me.


Anonymous said...

I have no idea who you are, but your post does speak for you. You also have no idea who I am, but I will gladly say I am a follower of Jesus Christ and an American with much hope for the future of America. However, the 2008 election has brought about so many misdirected comments about those who choose to disagree that the one elected is the best thing to happen to us. Sadly, his promises speak of total disrespect for anyone of faith, for anyone who has worked hard to care for their family and of anyone who dares to speak truth based on God's Word.
Perhaps your accusation that Dr. Dobson wrote the 2012 letter should be verified by fact.
While indeed, it was part of FOTF Action, the author was not identified.
Also, perhaps you'll be open to reality at some point in the future and remember that the inside out change in all of us requires morals, truth, and above all obedience to God's Word in all areas of our lives, even voting.
We too pray for America, an America of strong values based on truth, not based on my opinion of it's relevance to whatever issue is before me. Truth does not change.
The damage is real and the future is truly a sad look at what has happened to America, the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Kim said...

I believe my post speaks for me, and you can not. You do not know who I am, nor my values, morals or faith, as you have clearly noted.

I too will boldly proclaim that I am a follower of Christ, and that boldness is a true gift of God, not my own. As I proclaim this I am not able, nor called to proclaim any absolute truth other than the fact that Jesus Christ, the savior of the world was crucified, died, and now is risen - all for the sake of a broken and human world. Not a morally perfect, arrogant or perfectly obedient world - a broken world.

It is in that reality that I stand, as a Christian who is a responsible citizen of this country, who is called to pray for our leaders, to call them out when they misstep and to support them when what they are doing is being faithful to their call as secular leaders.

They are not bound by any call of faith, but I am. Called to be responsive and responsible - not one who creates fear and fantastical stories that create a space of mistrust and falsehood.

Re: the letter, the three versions I received, as a called leader of a faith community, came from James Dobson. Now whether he penned it or not is irrelevant, but his organization did publish it and send it out, with his support and commendation. That is his and the organization's right, however I think it was misguided and a misrepresentation of Obama, his leanings, and the possible results. When did FOTF gain a crystal-ball ability to foresee a future?

You say "we" - who is we? Your "group" or "sect" or Christians, or the whole Christian church? As a faithful disciple of Christ I know that you do not speak for me nor his call to all of us to serve God only, and love our neighbors as ourselves. Remember our call to feed the hungry, serve the poor, speak out for the outcast, welcome the stranger/alien, work for justice, and in all that we do proclaim the gift of Christ to the world. I don't recall God saying "Vote this way." But rather in all things act in love and service.

You, like I, like all of us, have a right in this country to speak our minds. I just pray that as we do so we do not accuse others of things that are not true, of things we have no knowledge about, and assumptions of character and faith that are based solely in fearful and unknown speculation.

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