Saturday, September 06, 2008

Oops - community organizing means no responsibility?

So it has been ages since I have blogged here...several other things are up and running.

I am truly tired of the of the mud-slinging and the baseless and just irrelevant trash talk that is going on with both sides of the political spectrum. At times it feels like I am back in 3rd grade with rash talk going on....and senseless bullying.

Most recently I was enraged by both McCain and Palin's misinformed (or ignorant) commentary re: community organizers. Both seemed to not "get" what community organization is all about, and the sheer and daunting responsibility that is involved with community organization.

So, rather than comment more on it, I offer a link from another blog re: the history and enormous global responsibility that community organizers have -

In the meantime, I beg, I plead, I pray that both sides of the debate could get back to the issues and needs of our country and the world, rather than dig into the personal lives of candidates children, trash talk the past and valid experience of candidates, or simply engage in the immature and disrespectful trash talk and mockery.

Please - let's get back to the issues that need to be focused on. Please!

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